Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Maya API Learning Resources

I am on a journey to learn about the Maya API using Python and C++. Below are some helpful blogs, and Autodesk documentation that I have found useful in my development. Feel free to leave a comment below to add to the list.

Autodesk Maya Developers:

Maya 2014 API Docs:

Maya 2013 API Docs:

Maya Station:

User groups:
Google Group, Python Programming for Autodesk Maya:

Casual Learner:

Chad Vernon:

Chris Devito:

Chris Evans:

Cyrille Fauvel:

Daisuke Maki:


Dimitry Kachkovski:

Dorian Fevrier:

Dunham Lee:

Ethan Shilling:

Jordan Hueckstaedt:

Koichi Tamura:

Mattias Bergbom:

Marco Giordano

Meng Xie:

Michael Tsai:

Parzival Roethlein:

Richard Kazuo Maegaki:

Sam Hodge:

Serge Scherbakov:



Video Training: